10 People Who Need To Get Out And Stay Out Of The Kitchen

There are varying degrees of skill when it comes to getting it done at mealtime. Maybe you’re one of those people who can walk into any kitchen and turn out a masterpiece. Maybe you’re on the step below, where you’re following a recipe to the letter. Or hey, maybe you’ve got a go-to dish that you make really well.

The point is, as long as you feel comfortable in any of those categories, you’re better off than the culinarily challenged individuals who we’ve highlighted here.

1. Less Care Bear, more Edvard Munch.
To be fair, the dish on the left looks like it would have been complicated as all get-out to create. But the difference between me and the creator of the monstrosity on the right is that I knew better than to try. Seriously, it looks like Salad Fingers is having second thoughts about having a sleepover.


2. I bet they heard the expression “back in a jiff” and totally misunderstood.
Imagine how relieved they eventually felt when they realized that peanut butter jars are reusable and have, y’know, lids.


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