10 People Who Got Revenge In The Best Worst Way

People always say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but I like to say revenge is a dish best served in the worst way. You know, something that’s so unexpected it truly stings and makes a lasting impact.

I mean, we’re not talking feeling bad for several hours, we’re talking permanent trauma. The kind of revenge that makes people do a Disney-villain, over-the-top evil laugh when they see the outcome of their actions.

1. This dude played his cards so right.
Usually, breakups involve never seeing that ex again, so imagine having that person go from being an ex to being a father figure? I mean, we’re talking being there during Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, in family pictures… YIKES.


2. “How’s the chicken, sweetie?”
If your ex doesn’t marry your mom, there’s a little more room for these games. Imagine watching someone you absolutely hate eating a canned chicken that you pretended you spent hours marinating and cooking? Sweet, sweet, revenge.


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