10 Off-Brand Knockoffs That Just Aren’t Trying Anymore

Was there any time in your childhood more disappointing than when your mom came home from the grocery store with sugary cereal, but it was the store brand cereal? Or when someone would buy you a toy, but it would be a Go-Bot instead of a Transformer?

If anything, the knockoffs have only gotten worse since we were kids. It’s like they’re barely putting any effort in anymore. But at least we can have a good laugh at the results!

1. There is nothing factually incorrect about this shirt.
It’s true that, in space, nobody can hear you in space. So that’s something. And if my name was Alan, I would buy this shirt just because.


2. When teenagers have unsettling dreams on Hickory Drive, you can be sure Sharp Hand Joe is to blame.
What’s so scary about an ex-janitor named Fred, anyway? Come on, Joe has a sharp hand!


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