10 Most Strange Photos You’ve Ever Seen

The world is a strange place. It is always better to expect the unexpected from people because the world will always surprise you with something offbeat and astonishing.
Check out some utterly exceptional photos which we found on the internet today.
Can I Help You?
Nothing is cuter than a penguin, it is practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry. Although the answer to his whereabouts is unknown.
Hi There!
Folk artist Yu Guangjun attaches the legs from a cicada slough onto a magnolia bud as he makes a “Maohou” in his house in Beijing September 2, 2014. “Maohou”, which means hairy monkey in Chinese.
Merry Christmas

A factory in Yiwu, eastern China, where polystyrene snowflakes are coated with red powder.
Look Out!
An alpaca looks out from a car on a busy street in China.

Jump Above

A picture of a rabbit jumping over an obstacle at the traditional Easter market at the Old Town Square in Prague.
The Amazing Spiderman
Due to some technical glitch, Spiderman would not be traveling in his usual style.
Plant Kingdom

This construction place is seen covered by green plants atop a 19-story residential building in Guangzhou, China.
Slurp It Up
A drinking game where you start drinking from a gallon mixing bowl. A difficult one at that.
Walking Magnet

This man has so many piercings that his skin is hardly visible.
Oink Oink Here
Firefighters pull a pig as they try to rescue it from a well at a pig farm.