10 Genius Inventors Who Walk Among Us

Sometimes when you come up with an idea, you just have to throw it at the wall and see if it sticks, even if that idea is on fire and might burn your house down. No matter what, you just have to see it through to its natural, inevitable conclusion.

These folks weren’t afraid to bring their ideas to reality. Maybe they should have been, but no, they went ahead without heed to questions like “why?” or “what if someone gets hurt?”

1. This is a mashup nobody asked for: a bike with a scooter replacing the front wheel.
“If anything got stuck under the front wheel the whole thing would flip,” said the inventor. “It took a great deal of finesse to operate. We had no intentions of it actually functioning, but we had to at least see if it was possible.”


2. Lamps are pretty basic things usually used to bring light and warmth to a room.
Which is why it’s always special when someone manages to give birth to a new nightmare with something so benign in purpose.


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