10 Everyday Items With Incredible Functions You Didn’t Know Existed

Since the very beginning of humankind, we have been coming up with impressively elaborate devices to make our lives just a little easier. We’re a species of inventors and innovators and I don’t want to state the obvious, but modern humans are insanely clever and undeniably the most intelligent animals planet Earth has ever seen.

While our hunter-gatherer ancestors slept in caves with only their cave drawings for entertainment, we sleep in comfy houses complete with warm beds and internet access.

1. The indent at the bottom of wine bottles

The indent at the base of wine bottles isn’t just there for the heck of it, or even so the waiter can pour you a glass whilst looking fancy. It actually controls the pressure when the bottle is fitted with a cork.


2. The hole at the end of tape measures

The hole exists so that you can slip a nail or screw through it and ensure the tape measure is securely in place.


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