Your Coffee Reveals What You Are in Relationships

They say that coffee is the best meal of the day. Well, couldn’t argue with that! There are different ways on how a coffee is served – be it black, iced, or with cream.

We invite you to take this test for you to find out how are you when it comes to relationships, of course by choosing what kind of coffee serving you like most.


If you like:


You are a confident, no-nonsense person who doesn’t like to play games. You say what’s in your heart and let others react as they will.


Unlike your taste in coffee, you would never date a cold person. You only fall for sweethearts who care and know how to show it!

With Cream:

You don’t like to label relationships before it is necessary. You are comfortable exploring a couple of options before making a formal commitment. Life is more fun that way!

With Sugar:

You are a very sweet person. Even when you have to cut someone loose, you do it in the kindest way possible. You never try to hurt someone when possible!

With Sugar and Cream:

You are honest and faithful in relationships. Honesty is the best policy in your heart. You’re truly a keeper!


Just like your coffee, you are totally smooth! People are attracted to your cool confidence and they want to know more about you. You’re a real love magnet!