“Wi-Fi” Can Kill Everyone Bit by Bit – Here’s How

Almost all household has Wi-Fi as it is really convenient for everybody. Nevertheless, this piece of technology can be detrimental to the overall health of a person, particularly to children. To be an eye opener, Meow Gag has listed some negative effects of Wi-Fi not just for adults but also for the young ones.


Damages childhood growth
The non-thermal radio-frequency radiation from Wi-Fi can interrupt normal cellular growth, particularly fetal development. This radiation disturbs budding tissues, such as in children and youth. Subsequently, they would be more vulnerable than average to the designated effects and are at greater risk of developmental problems.

Contributes to the development of insomnia
Wi-Fi can greatly affect sleep, so if you feel like you can’t fall asleep or have an unbalanced sleeping pattern, it may be due to the low-frequency inflection from cell phones and Wi-Fi. Those people who are widely open to electromagnetic radiation have a suggestively harder time falling asleep, which can be dangerous to the health.

Disturbs brain function
Wi-Fi can also affect the concentration and function of the brain. With this, the brain activity is reduced, and as a result, you might experience a hard time concentrating or you might have memory loss.

Counterbalances sperm
Wi-Fi is another reason which dangers man’s virility. Hence, the exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduces sperm movement and it can cause DNA disintegration. Additionally, it may affect fertility or intensify the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Can cause cardiac Stress
A lot of people can experience a real physical reaction to electromagnetic frequencies, which includes increased heart rate. Consequently, Wi-Fi increases the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

Increases the risk of cancer
The contact to electromagnetic radiation intensifies the risk of tumor development.

How to Protect Yourself from Wi-Fi Radiation?

Luckily, there are methods on how you can safeguard yourself from the dangers of Wi-Fi radiation, this includes:

Avoid placing a wireless router in your kitchen or bedroom.
Don’t keep your phone inside your pocket.
Use wired phones when at home, to lessen electromagnetic radiation.
If you’re pregnant, don’t keep your phone close to your belly.
Make sure you place your phone at the other end of the room or on the other seat of the car.
Use texting more often than talking.
Don’t use wireless baby monitors, as they all function on microwave frequency.
Disconnect all Wi-Fi gadgets before going to sleep.