Why Women Live Longer Than Men In 10 Pics

Scientists revealed that women live longer than men for a number of reasons but the important fact is that women don’t do most of the dumb things that men do.
As per the reports, Men’s frontal lobes, the part of the brain that deals with decision making and risk assessment, develop little slower than that of women’s. In other words, men are basically doomed by nature and testosterone as they are walking accidents waiting to happen.
Still, don’t agree with us then see below pics and you will understand what we want to say.
Proud Father Moment
A father can go to any extent to teach their children about the safety measures to be taken while doing any activity. They can still keep a smile on their face to keep the training cool.
Words to Live By. Or Not
Aah! That’s too dangerous and not a recommended way of doing something. This surely is a way to wait for some accident to happen.
That Should End Well

Not sure if these men are trying to do a high jump to the moon and back.
This Policeman is Dumbest
That’s one of the stupidest examples of a gun handling anybody would have ever seen. This shows the lack of training in handling a weapon.

An Extra Security

This person looks to be more cautious in life but there should be a better idea to do that.
Look Out Below
That is going to give him much of worries later on. I am sure he didn’t watch what actually he is doing to himself.
A Dangerous Spot
Well, that looks to be an impressive but, of course, a stupid approach being followed for fixing the broken connection. One wrong step can lead to injuries that will further shorten the life span.
At least it’s a nice view…

Too risky! How in this world could someone be so dumb to not care about his own life?
Is this man testing the strength of the glass by dancing on it? This seems rather a nice way to land into serious troubles.
Don’t Look Up
Looked Left, Looked Right but be careful because if you look up then you will get hooked to an icy problem.