Watch the amazing video of a Japanese girl operating a calculator at hyper speed (Video)

If there is one nation that takes their technology seriously, it is the Japanese. The country is driven by technology where every citizen’s life is impacted y technology in one way or the other. It is no surprising factor then that the Japanese big or small are proficient in using technology and tech savvy in every aspect of their lives.

Be it technology, smart phones, or the latest computerized applications, you have to hand it to the Japanese. But!! What is even most surprising is the way they still use calculators. How The Japs use calculators will stun you at the speed in which they move their fingers over a small little keypad. One Japanese calculator girl operates it at hyper speed.


Japanese are perfectionists at operating calculators
The way Japanese operate calculators will leave you simply awestruck. They are masters in calculating where even one Japanese girl was found to hit 9 buttons a second which is unbelievable.

With such swift and speedy perfection, there are also Japanese calculator punching contests to see who has the fastest fingers.


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