Warning Signs Women Must Know To Find if Their Man Is Lying

Honesty is the top priority in relationships, and if it lacks, there is a high chance that the relationship will fall apart. The little secrets that you think are too small, lead to breaking of the bond. But there are times, when betrayal is much worse and you must be aware about it. Humans can survive only if they have self-respect and if that respect isn’t present, they might just be living dead! So, it is important to know if you are being lied to or played with.
Is he acting different?
When you spend years together, or even months, you get to know a person well. And if out of the blue, their behavior is suddenly changed, be it negative or positive, it’s a sign that something is going on in his mind.
Is he changing his story every time you ask?

Don’t believe anything he says just like that and get to the details of the story. If he is hesitating or shooing it off, he might just be lying to you. Think of it from your own point of view and know if he makes sense or not.
He is defensive.
He won’t say sorry! Even once! Because he would want to prove to you that he didn’t do anything wrong. Plus, if he is trying to cover something, he would be very distant and defensive in clearing that out.
Does he clear the history?

He might be telling you all along that he has no secrets, yet clearing his search history or chat history. Does it make sense? Well, no. He should let you scroll through his phone with no objection at all.
Notice his body language.

The easy way to catch a liar is when he doesn’t look you in the eye. I know he would deny it even then, and call it “senseless” or that you are just “insecure”, but it is a significant body language.
Is he over explaining?

In order to keep you shut, he might make up a big story to tell you so that you hear it quietly and believe him eventually. While being quiet isn’t always a sign, being too exaggerating always is! He shouldn’t be repetitive or talk pointless.
Is he refusing to talk?
When they break up and don’t talk, its different. But if they are committed to you but still unwilling to clear all your doubts and unwilling to confront you, it means they are hiding out. So, be strong and face him, HEAD ON!