Two women caught robbing graves at cemetery, then hidden cameras reveal their true identities (Video)

When we lose our loved ones, we often leave mementos at their grave sites in order to remember them. While this is a normal practice for many of us, there are a number of low lives out there who see nothing wrong with going to these grave sites and stealing the items that we put out. The idea of someone stealing grave site mementos makes our blood boil and this story is a prime example of this disgusting practice.


These two women were stealing from graves at a cemetery in Ohio and New London’s Grove Street was the site of these horrific events. Once they received reports from distraught loved ones about the items being taken away from their proper resting place, they decided to start taking a closer look at their security camera in order to learn more about what was actually taking place.


What they saw was absolutely stunning, as these two women simply waltzed through the cemetery helping themselves to whatever items they wanted without so much as a care in the world. It takes a special kind of monster to take someone’s family heirlooms and those who participate in this kind of fiendish behavior ought to be ashamed of themselves for their actions.

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