Tourist Spots Square Wave Patterns In Ocean and Discovers How Dangerous They Are

We live on a remarkable planet on which there are loads of geographical phenomena we have never seen before. The beauty of the earth is limitless but what can be beautiful can be extremely dangerous too. Every once in a way, the Earth will throw up some magnificent phenomena warning us paradoxically with something beautiful and letting us know that it isn’t truly ours to misuse.

The cross square waves at the Isle of Rhe
Take for instance the Isle of Rhe in France. Albeit a popular haunt with tourist and locals alike, the ocean is marked with a unique and incredible pattern of crisscrossing waves making the entire area look like checkered squares waves on a blue board. The square waves denote something even more powerful and dangerous displaying a huge force of nature that we are yet to contemplate with respect.


Beautiful but dangerous and perilous
The Isle of Rhe is an island that is 19 miles in length and just 3 miles long. It’s pretty small but marked by incredible beauty. Across the isle one can see this square waves showcasing the criss-cross pattern unlike any islands in the world. The sight is so beautiful it will mesmerize you.

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