This Math Problem Has The Internet Stumped. Do You Know The Right Answer? (4 Pics + Video)

You might have always thought how easier life would be if you were able to go back to the elementary school. But what appears easy at times has the ability to confuse such that, you would like to give those fantasies a second thought.
We are talking about a first-grade Maths problem which can be easily solved by adults but, it left them wondering what really could be the right answer.
Is Math Really Lovable?
Will it be true to say that everyone loves Math problems? No, Of course not. There are people who just get into it taking the problem as a challenge while some might think that it’s totally illogical and erroneous.
Take a look at this math problem which got people stumped and has been viral over the internet.
Rule of Mathematics
Many people might think that it is easy to solve a first-grade math puzzle for it includes simple addition, multiplication or subtraction and that chance becomes easy to prove them smarter against others in the crowd.
Disagreement Among Internet Users

If you think that math is just math and has not changed then the truth is it has changed a lot from what we used to study in the 80s or 90s as compared to present.

There has been a lot of disagreement over social media on what the correct answer would be. For they know there is a set of instructions as correct order to arrive at the correct answer. And every person has been taught one or other method about the correct order.
Are you getting an answer either 1 or 9?
If you are getting one of the above answers from the order that you are following then you are alone as the majority of people have concluded with either one of those answers. Some even posted totally different responses like 0. 3 and 6 but these are based on entirely different calculations and not correct as well.

However, the reason why either 1 or 9 may be correct is based on the methodology that people have learned when they were in school.
How It Works
Don’t scratch your mind too much with experiencing the difference in the response and watch the explanation of this math problem.