These Rare Uses Of Salt Will Give You Amazing Results (8 Pics)

Salt is basically a chemical compound, a vital mineral. Are you aware of uses of salt? I don’t think many of us are familiar with its various functions apart from cooking as it is the most common ingredient available in your kitchen. From the centuries, salt has been extensively used for a number of things including cleaning and disinfection of household items. It does not have any toxic properties, and that’s the main reason why people have used salt to clean and disinfect various things at home. Perfect alternative for clean up functions and is extremely cheap.
Here this article is posted to show you the amazing uses of salt in the house. Explore them:
Keep Ants At Bay
Salt is the perfect solution for you to stay away from the ants from your food storage cupboards or windows. Sprinkle some salt on the window sills or any other surface they attack. If you apply like this, this will surely lower the humidity level at your home.
Salt Used For Metal Ornament Polish

Your brass, silver or copper ornaments should be kept clean and sparkly. As they fade quickly with time, using a mixture of salt and vinegar is the easiest, simplest and non-corrosive solution for this issue. It will make them shine again removing any stains and dirt.
Clean Car And House Windows
If you want to clean the windows and remove the stubborn stains, mix a few tablespoons of salt in lukewarm water. This mixture can be applied for cleaning the stained windows. It will surely make them as new giving you a long-lasting result. This mixture can also be used for car windows.
Clean Sink Drains

To clean your drains, you can mix some hot water with salt and pour the mixture in the sink. This salt will melt the grease buildup causing the clogged drain and make the sinks smell fresh.

Skin Exfoliator
Salt can serve cosmetic purposes too. Combination of salt and olive or lavender oil will make a wonderful bath scrub. Apply this mixture to the entire body and then shower to wash away the dirt. Being a sensible body scrub, it rejuvenates the skin by eliminating all the dead skin cells.
Restore Original Color
This is an amazing solution if you want the glare of your curtains or fiber rugs to be like as earlier again. By washing it just once, salt can revive their color. Soak a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub the faded rugs and carpets with it. Any spots and stains will be cleaned that were not possible before with standard detergents.
Tooth Remedies

In case you are dealt with tooth pain and mouth sores, salt can turn to be really beneficial. Dissolve salt in hot water and swirl the liquid in your mouth. It acts as an amazing disinfectant mouthwash and has laxative effects.
Prevent Shrinking Of Clothes
Prevent your clothes from shrinking by adding some salt in the final wash. It also helps in making the clothes dry outside in the sun.