These New Maps Reveal How Hot The World Will Really Be By 2090

It’s 2018. We have self-driving cars, reusable rockets, and nanotechnology. But we’re still relying on fossil fuels, and consuming more and more energy and resources every year.

The ways in which we’re changing the climate simply aren’t sustainable. And if you had any doubt, scientists have shown these changes in full, terrifying detail.

This information comes to us from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
NOAA knows its stuff. You might remember their scary sea level rise viewer, which shows what could happen if sea levels continue to rise. Basically, everything in red is in jeopardy. Yikes…


Their latest maps show how temperatures could change over the next 70 years.
Their interactive maps calculate how conditions could change across the country if emissions remain unchecked, as well as if they’re stabilized. Here are the high temperatures (basically) at this point in time.


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