These Amazing Riddles Will Test Your Wit Like Never Before (5 Pics)

We simply love testing your wit and therefore, we bring about so many of such riddles for you on regular basis. This one is again a difficult nut to crack. Give it a shot…
Through All The Cities
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I know it sounds like a very difficult question but the answer is equally easy. All you have to do is just focus and use your brain in the correct direction. Wanna know the correct answer?
Answer: Road
The Hard Game Of Chess
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Love playing Chess? Then this should be an easy question for you. Guess it correctly and prove the world how smart you are. Ohhhh, I can sense that you are going to love this answer.
Answer: Both the men are playing against different opponents

A Mathematical One?

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I think it’s time we test your Mathematical power. Just so that you know, this question has 3 correct answers. Can you answer any one of them?
Answer: The answers can be 51 and 15, 42 and 24 and 60 and 06!

A Tale of 5 Sisters

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No, we aren’t trying to make a horror flick here, the answer is genuinely very simple. All you have to do is, read the question again and you’ll get there.
Answer: The 5th sister is playing chess with Katy!
Something Is Fishy…
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Another Mathematical question. Do all your calculation. Add and subtract. Do whatever you want to. Just reach to the correct answer.
Answer: There are yet 10 fishes in the tank. None actually left the tank you see!
So how smart are you? How many did you get right?