These 7 Kids Grew Up Into Some Of The World’s Evilest People Ever (9 pics)

When you see a cute kid on the street playing with their little scooter, you can’t help but smile at them and imagine that they’d grow up to be successful people with a college degree and a regular job. But sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we imagine, and some of these kids grow up to become true monsters that performed acts which have been remembered as some of the most horrible incidents in history.

Heinrich Himmler

Don’t let the sweet innocent looks fool you. This boy grew up to give the human race something to hate. One of Adolf Hitler’s right hand men, Heinrich Himmler was the man behind the Nazi’s infamous concentration camps which saw the deaths of millions.

Jeffrey Dahm

This sweet boy who enjoyed probably summer siestas and ice cream sadly had a tough childhood thanks to his argumentative parents. The muddled little Jeffrey Dahmer grew up to make history by killing 17 people and indulging in acts like rape, dismemberment, cannibalism, and necrophilia, earning him the reputation of one of the world’s most feared serial killers.

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