These 10 New Secret Smartphone Tricks Will Blow Your Mind Off

10 years ago, to make 10 things work, you needed 10 different devices. Today, many things have been replaced by a smartphone. We call, write, watch TV, read the media and even pay using a smartphone. But that’s not all. We have found some more useful tools from the smartphone that can help you in everyday life.

Caption on the lock screen

You lost your phone, and the screen, of course, is locked by a graphic key. Secret code is owned only by you. It would seem that there is no hope for the return of your favorite gadget. It turns out – there is! In newer versions of Android, you can add an inscription to the lock screen and, for example, ask to return the gadget. Go to “Settings” – “Screen lock and passwords” – “Signature on the lock screen”. You can leave anything – a backup phone number or e-mail.

Guarantee of the return of a lost smartphone

If the inscription is small, then you can make sure. Anti-theft applications will help. They have a wide range of activities. For example, Cerberus can secretly take pictures with a camera, activate a microphone, block a smartphone and / or delete data from it, find out its coordinates or turn on a loud alarm to attract the attention of others.

Memory saving mode

Sooner or later the memory of the smartphone will let you down. To avoid this, you can use a flash drive, cloud-based services such as Dropbox or drop the photo on the computer. And you can upload the photo in Telegram Messenger. In Telegram, you can send files, messages and links to yourself. It can be used freely both as a cloud storage and as a notebook. Just find your own number and write as many as you want.

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