Then vs. Now: 11 pictures that show how we have changed with times

Times are a-changing. And nothing depicts the changing times better than the activities we do, how we spend our leisure, the way we interact with our families, and the games children play these days.

The advent of technology and the spread of mobile phones and the Internet have massively changed how we interact with the world around us.

Scroll down to see some phenomenal images that portray changes that have occurred in just a span of a few years.

#1 The cat calls.


Animals like cats used to play with woolen balls. Now they find electronic gadgets more attractive to play with!

#2 Flying 101.


Movie-making was a seriously time-consuming business in the past. Now, using green screen technology it has become much easier to create entire new worlds, maneuver characters, and stage jaw-dropping battle scenes on a computer screen. From shrinking in size to having Harry Potter flying on his broom, the magic of green screen technology has revolutionized the way we make and watch movies.

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