The Way You Hold a Cup Can Tell Some Interesting Facts About You

It is believed that all human habits have a reason. Our behaviors, like gestures, are dictated by our personality. A shy person, for example, will always try to cross his arms, allegedly hiding himself from the surrounding people.

We suggest that you take this test and find out interesting facts about your personality according to the way you hold a cup. If you want to find out how it affects your personality, go ahead and choose your variant!


If you chose:

1: You are a self-confident and slightly narcissistic person. You always expect the best from life. Why blame you for this? You have a perfect taste and excellent leadership skills. You could easily occupy a leading position.

2: You are a very vulnerable, gentle, and impressionable person. At any age, you feel like a little child who needs care and support. You like to shift responsibility to others; that is why the relationship with your other half is very important to you. You give him love and expect unlimited attention from him.

3: You are a calm and reasonable person. It’s very hard to make you lose your temper, so some people call you a “steel lady.” However, they are wrong! You just don’t like to waste your emotions and nerves in vain. You are very reasonable, and it always helps you win.

4: You live relaxed most of the time. You are not used to worrying in vain, so a lot of people believe you are an indifferent person. You value comfort and fun. You will never give up adventures, as you love interesting experiences.