The ‘Ugliest’ Bride In The World Decided To Change & This Is What She Looks Like 6 Years Later (9 pics)

Ugly is, well, an ugly word. Especially since it doesn’t mean anything. The idea of beauty – and its opposite – has been so warped and morphed over time, that what’s considered beautiful by society one day could be completely different the next.

When this Russian woman got married six years ago, a lot of unkind words were said about her appearance. But six years on, she made a simply incredible transformation…

Making a splash

Back in 2011, this happy Russian couple couldn’t wait to show their love off to the world. But soon after they put up pictures of their wedding on Facebook, nasty internet commenters got a hold of them.

Her appearance received endless comments and disparaging remarks from across the world, leading some to unkindly label her as “the ugliest bride in the world.”

Forget about the haters, they’re in love

For the bride and groom, every hateful word meant nothing to them. They were in love, and they didn’t give a damn.

Although people said that they wouldn’t last, and that somehow their love was a lie, they proved them all wrong. They would not let a bunch of trolls get in the way of their bliss.

More than skin seep

We’ll be the first to admit that by our media’s standards, neither the bride nor the groom are what you would call lookers. But all the old clichés really are true. There’s so much more to beauty that what’s on the surface.

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