The Secrets To Criss Angel’s Magic Tricks Finally Revealed (11 Pics)

I am 100% all about magic tricks. I love when people just do it on the street to entertain or when magicians do a whole hour spectacle! I’m always so in awe of what they are capable of! I mean, I could literally never do anything that they do. Holding my breath under water for minutes? Can’t do it. Levitating? Can’t do it. To be a magician, you’ve got be a great performer! Criss Angel has been a famous magician for years and has wowed audiences with his tricks. But here’s exactly how he does it! So keep on reading if you don’t mind me exposing the truth behind the tricks!
One of Criss’ famous tricks is when he goes to the beach and spreads a blanket out on the sand and then a girl appears under it! And then Criss runs away and magically appears under a second in a matter of seconds!
So how does he do it?

When the first blanket is spread out, the camera is lowered to the ground so it’s hard to see what’s happening! As soon as that happens, Criss’ assistant runs closer and crawls under the blanket.
How does he appear under a second blanket? He had another assistant hiding behind him dressed like him! When the blanket is lifted high, nobody can see Criss and that’s when the switch happens!

Criss’ most famous illusion is the one where he levitates between buildings! But it’s actually really easy because he uses a wire!
He’s attached to thin cables that are invisible to the spectators because of the bright sky and the camera angles.

Criss ties a solid chain around his neck and gets volunteers to pull both ends at the same time! And then the chain seems to just magically pass through his neck.
It’s all in the placing of the chain. Criss just creates a fake loop behind his neck and it’s covered by his long hair! It’s actually a simple trick!

Criss can walk on water! Wait, can he really though? He takes a step into a pool and realizes he can stand on water. A swimmer even goes underneath his feet to prove it’s not a gimmick!
He ends up crossing the pool and only his shoes are wet!

It’s an illusion because he uses a number of plexiglass tables and camera angles! The camera doesn’t pick up on the clear plexiglass and the woman who swims underneath is swimming in the gap between the plexiglass!
But the edges of the plexiglass are hard to conceal so Criss hires the swimmers to splash around to distract the viewers!

Criss is able to do anything! He can just stand on a table and then vanish into thin air!

In this amazing illusion, Criss gets a woman to lie down on a park bench and then asks two volunteers to hold her arms and legs. When they both pull in different directions, the woman’s body is split into two!

Apparently, Criss employs two women! One women with the lower part of her body missing and a contortionist who provides the legs!

How does Criss read minds? For the card trick, he asks a volunteer to cut a shuffled deck of cards and mark the cut. Another volunteer takes a look at the card on the top of the deck and Criss is able to name the card!

So how does he do it? Criss shuffles the cards and takes a look at the top card. He reshuffles the deck in a way that keeps the card at the top. The volunteer cuts the deck and marks it thinking it’s a different card!
But it’s not! The marked card is actually just the top card, the one that Criss has already seen and remembers!