Techniques To Use Against Animals When Trying To Survive Attack

Roaming around the forest is always adventurous and exciting thing to do. Many people love to spend time in forests. But, there are some precautionary measures which needs to be taken once you decide to head to forests. You need proper knowledge about the techniques to survive in those testing conditions. Forests are full of deadly animals and there is quite a chance you will encounter them once you enter their territory. It is always better to be prepared for unexpected encounter in the forest. Here are 12 techniques that will help you survive a deadly battle with different animals:

Generally, elephants are clever and friendly but they can also attack sometimes especially female elephants who think that you are threat to their babies. Try to read the body language of elephant as it will give you an idea about whether they are going to attack or not. If elephant attacks, don’t run away. Instead, try to stand behind a barrier like a rock or a tree.


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