She Takes The Label Off A Gum Container – When I Saw What She Used It For, I Wanted One Too! (10 Pics)

If you’re ever temped to buy those super-sized containers of gum or mint in the grocery store check-out lane, don’t hesitate! You’ll be in for a sweet surprise after all the gum is gone, because you can easily upcycle these cool flip-top containers into mini storage bins for lots of different goodies.
Mini Portable Snack Pack
Keep your kid’s Cheerios or puff snacks handy in your purse or car console. You could even stash your own snacks in this container to keep on your desk or hidden away in a drawer at work. The flip-top makes it so easy to dispense just a little bit at a time.

Ultra Cool Match Box
This is a great idea for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts! A regular cardboard match box can easily get crushed, but this gum container is made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t bend easily.

Glitterlicious Craft Organizer
Crafters will love using these containers to store glitter! The flip-top makes it easy to pour out just the right amount for your project.

Travel Size Toiletries
When you travel across the country or even around the world, you don’t want to tote around full-sized toiletries for your journey.
Pack only what you need inside these mint containers, and both you and the airline will be happy with your ultra light packing habits!

Tiny Tool Holder
Do you have a problem with stray nails that like to hide in the carpet? Keep all your nuts, screws and nails in their own tiny tool holders and everyone’s feet will thank you!

House Your Bobby Pins
Bobby pins hold up your hair, but what holds onto all those loose bobby pins when you let your hair down at night? It’s super easy to lose these tiny hair accessories in all the nooks and crannies in your home!
However, if you upgrade your bobby pin storage solution to an old gum container, it’ll be easy to grab one when you need it.

Earbud Keeper
Stash your earbuds in an empty gum container and it’ll be easy to find them when you need your music fix!
It’s also inexpensive to keep a few spare gum container stashes in your purse, at work or in your car for those unexpected music emergencies!

Lime Wedges To Go!
If you’re trying to eat healthy, a squeeze of lime in water can help you stick to your diet and keep you away from the sugary soda dispensers!
This repurposed mint container makes it easy to carry and store fresh lime wedges in the fridge at work – just make sure you put your name on it. This is also great for toting limes to a small picnic in the park!

Pourable Sugar And Coffee
For those enjoying the RV life, or if you like to spend the weekends car camping, you’re never far from your java fix with this brilliant idea!
If you store your sugar and instant coffee grounds in these repurposed gum containers, you can easily pour your way to a hot cup of heaven every morning.

Spare Change Keeper
Loose change comes in handy in so many ways. Not only is it great for unexpected road tolls while driving in an unfamiliar state, it’s also perfect for the dollar menu at the fast food drive thru!
So stock up on spare change and keep it in your car with this handy coin keeper.