Rich People Are Putting Spikes On Trees So Birds Don’t Poop On Their Fancy Cars

Here’s some news for you that you might not have realized by now.

Birds poop.

And they sit in trees.

So they poop on what is beneath them,

Another thing. Birds were here before us. They live in trees so they get dibs, but that won’t stop some people from being trash and taking over what isn’t even theirs to begin with.

In England, you may notice that building ledges have spikes on them to deter birds from perching. But now you might notice those same spikes in the trees.


The spiked trees can be seen in front of Essendene House and Heathfield House, whose residents own BMWs and Audis. The spikes are solely for the residents who own the fancy cars so they don’t get bird poop on their cars and for no other reason.

Some people have also commented on how these spikes could be damaging the trees. But really, how privileged do you think you are that you’re going to kick birds out of trees to “protect” your precious car?


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