Our Ears Can Indicate Our Health, and These 8 Signs Shouldn’t Be Ignored (8 Pics)

It is a basic hygiene procedure to clean your ears. We all do it every few days or after every shower we have. However, do you know that earwax has a protective function and it can, in fact, tell you how healthy you are?
Use a Q-tip to clean your ears and always check the color of the wax. It will show you your health
Gray Color

If your ear wax has a gray color and you don’t have any other symptoms, don’t worry. It is probably some dust. Ear wax with gray color is a regular thing for people who live in cities.
Traces of Blood

If there are some traces of blood on your Q-tip, your eardrum is probably perforated. That can make room for infections, otitis and the loss of hearing at the end. That is why you should visit a doctor.
Brown Color

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