Men Are Hiding Baldness With Man Buns, But It’s Riskier Than You Think

Welsh football star Gareth Bale, a winger for Real Madrid, made headlines (pun intended) during Euro 2016 when a bald spot briefly peaked out through his signature bun. A source close to him stated that he’d been using the man bun for ‘a while’ to conceal his growing problem. This led to several other men trying it out for themselves, with the results sometimes giving the illusion that they hadn’t lost any hair at all.

Like most things, however, a man bun has to be done correctly, and the consequences can be dire otherwise. Pulling hair into a tight bun causes heavy traction on the hair follicles, which can damage them over time and cause even more hair to fall out, a condition known medically as traction alopecia. This warning doesn’t just extend to men who are already managing receding hairlines, but to the hipsters who might be putting their prized manes at risk by cinching it all into a top knot.

The takeaway here? Rock your man bun, whether it’s to hide a pesky bald spot, or just for fun. Just make sure to tie it loose and low, and your follicles will thank you for it.

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