Man Trapped On An Island For 9 Years Is Rescued Due To Google Earth (5 pics)

Remember Tom Hanks getting stranded on the island for God knows how long? Remember how he tried hard to save his sanity by making himself a volleyball friend? Can you imagine how awful that would be?
Adam Jones went through the same thing. He was stranded on an island for 9 long years. And how did he get saved? Technology, people! Adam was saved thanks to Google Earth. Here is Adam’s story.
Adam and his friends went on a trip
Back in 2006, Adam and two of his friends decided to go on a trip to Hawaii. They wanted to take their boat and go there by crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Panama Canal.
Everything went fine until they got stuck in a huge storm which damaged the electric equipment and their boat. Two of his friends went overboard and Adam was left unconscious and drifted in the ocean for 17 days.
Eleven weeks to take down a tree
Adam did not expect that it would be as difficult as it was. He spent two weeks on water from his boat and collected water in a trapping contrivance. He built a shelter from the debris of his boat and took down a tree with a clam shell.
It took Adam 11 weeks to take down the tree. He tried to make hunting weapons but it was hard to make them out of nothing. He found 8 feral goats and luckily one was trapped in some tree bushes. He describes the killing experience as gruesome and it took him 15 minutes to kill the animal. But it was more than 100 pounds of meat.
Mental and physical condition
Hunting required a lot of mental and physical strength. Adam worked out a lot to keep his body and mind safe. He did push ups, chin ups on a tree brachs and squats with boulders. He even jogged on the beach. But the hardest part was the mental agony he went through.
The mental agony
Constant feeling of lonelines and the impeding feeling of never being rescued took a toll on Adam. He says that after you’re alone for a while, you start talking to yourself. But he found comfort in his quest.
SOS that saved his life
Adam decided to build an SOS sign that would be clearly visible from the sky. He thought an airplane might pass over and see it. One day, it finally did. A plane flew over and dropped a packet for him.
The packet had fresh water, food, medical kit and radio in it. When he switched it on, Adam heard first voice in 9 years. He still had to wait 5 days to get rescued but he found out that a kid in Minnesota had seen his SOS sign via Google Earth.