Know how this girl made the biggest mistake of her life by putting her feet on the dashboard of her car

You know the feeling and you love it. You’re in a car on a seemingly unending road trip with your loved ones, the sun’s setting and you are chatting away. You have your feet in relaxed position. Sometimes a serious of unfortunate events unfurls something painful and very horrible. A simple and innocent act of putting legs on a dashboard can cause a world of pain to be unleashed.

The road trip
Bethany Benson had been signed up at Nottingham Trent University and was studying there in order to complete a degree in history and French. Benson had plans of becoming a teacher on finishing her graduation.

But she went through a horrific incident that changed her life for ever. She suffered numerous injuries due to her innocent habit which turned out to be her biggest mistake in an accident.


The incident
Bethany and her boyfriend were driving in their car on a road trip. They were happy together and enjoying quality together. Bethany was in the passenger seat beside her boyfriend and decided to put her feet up on the dashboard, something she actually had a habit of doing regularly.

Unfortunately, ahead on the road a motorbike had collided with a small car. This created a chain reaction and a domino effect which caused a tractor with a trailer behind it to apply brakes to avoid the collision. This caused Bethany’s boyfriend to also apply the brakes but his reaction was too late and their car crashed into the back of the trailer.


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