It’s Happening! A Child Who Might Be The First Of A New Human Is Living In China

Human Race has been evolving very fast and there are things that set some people apart from rest of the crowd. This phenomenon is really unique in itself.
Continuous Process
Evolution normally refers to the changes that occur in a population over time. The changes are inherited from one generation to another. Talking about Humans, the evolution had been a long process involving a series of phases. The theory of evolution signifies that it is a never-ending and continuous process.
Most of the time the changes are very small but there are some exceptions like this boy in China who displayed surprising signs of evolutions.
See Through Dark
This story is about one such unique boy born in Chinese city Dahua. The boy, Nong Yousui, unlike any other human, was born with a surprising ability to see in the dark with his blue eyes.
His father was told that the boy’s eyes were different two weeks after his birth. The boy was taken to hospital but the doctors suggested not to worry and he will be fine once he grew up.
Unique Case

Surprising, but a true fact is that the boy can see clearly in the dark as we can see in the light. One of Nong’s best friends claimed that he was able to catch cricket in the night without using a flashlight.
Vision Test
A journalist, Bi Donglei from Heng County, tested Nong’s ability by showing him some cards and then quizzing him.
Nong gave the correct answers to the quiz and got all cards correct as well.
Science says that it is possible for someone to see in the dark with blue eyes and Nong might have been born with a high concentration of rods in his retinas.
Take a look at the video to learn more about this amazing evolution.

It’s Happening! A Child Who Might Be The First… by viralbox