Interesting Facts About 12 Famous Logos You Didn’t Know

Every day we see the emblems of famous companies, but we rarely think about who created them and what they really mean. We found 12 short stories that will reveal small secrets hidden behind the most famous logos.


According to legend, the Apple logo is dedicated to mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by biting a poisoned apple. In fact, everything is much simpler: according to designer Rob Janoff, he drew an apple bitten to show its size, because the whole apple with equal success can be taken for any other fruit of round shape.


Many people think that the horse on the Ferrari logo symbolizes horsepower, but it’s not. Enzo Ferrari in his biography mentioned that originally the silhouette of the horse was painted on the fuselage of the plane of the Italian pilot Francesco Baracca. This symbol was given to Enzo by Francesco’s mother after his victory in the race and subsequently turned into a well-known logo.


The globe became the symbol of the world encyclopedia, which, in general, is not surprising. Pieces of the puzzle, of which it is composed, are multilingual, therefore each of them is marked with letters from different alphabets. All together they make up the word “wikipedia”, and the missing puzzles indicate that the encyclopedia is not completed and new information constantly appears in it.

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