Here’s Your Life Before And After Marriage, In Pictures… (5 Pics)

An accurate visual display of the difference in your life before and after marriage…
Ease In Conversations
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Before your marriage, everything is all cool. You wanna continuously talk to each other. You know you are madly in love with each other. Nothing can separate you.
After marriage, you just can’t digest each others existence after a while. Forget conversations, you can’t even not scream on your partner if he’s around.
Weight Gain
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Not true in every case but you cannot ignore the fact that this happens. Indeed happens! Weight gain post marriage is not something that should come as a surprise.
I am yet finding the reason why people start taking their health so lightly post their marriage.
The Treatment

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Now this is something that every woman will completely agree to. Men change their behavior drastically post marriage. The way they treat their woman changes a lot.
The Midnight Brawl

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I’ve seen my parents do this. I’ve heard from my friends that their parents have done this. Most of the couples do this. Although this doesn’t look cool but well, this happens.
Love Birds?
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This by far is the funniest thing you’ll ever see. Love birds or angry birds, what do you wanna become?