Here Are The Extremely Wealthy People Who Refuse To Spoil Their Kids At Any Cost

We all know that whatever wealth a Man acquires is inherited by his children and they do it willingly to ensure that their kids live a comfortable life after they are gone. However, we rarely know that there are wealthiest people who took a strong decision of not leaving anything to their children.
Below are some of those wealthiest people who decided to either do away with this inheritance or chosen to limit it to some extent.
Gordon Ramsay
Mr. Gordon clearly stated that his wealth will not be going to his children and this is not to spoil them. They would, however, have 25% deposit on flat but not the complete fund.
Kevin O’Leary
Kevin stated that kids would need to motivate themselves to start their own life and get a job if they care for their family. That would also help him to build work ethics and build their own empire like him. He, however, has an educational trust for his grandchildren.
Gloria Vanderbilt

Born in a wealthy family but left with the small penny worth $5 million, she went on to make a corpus of $200 million yet her son won’t be getting anything out of it.
Bill Gates
The couple wishes to donate most of their wealth for humanitarian causes and has been motivating other wealthy people as well to do same.
Aaron Spelling
Aaron’s wife holds the strings to his $600 million fortune but is often into the dispute with her daughter for spending too much.
Chuck Feeney

Mr. Feeney is known to have educated his children on the value of money by motivating them to take up holiday jobs instead of lavishly spending his hard earned wealth.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
With his talent, he created millions and stated that his money would be used to encourage arts rather than creating a bad bunch of children.
Gene Simmons
He came from a poor family and created good wealth but wanted his kids to move out for work and make their own way.
Bernard Marcus

This businessman made it very clear that his wealth will not be inherited by his children rather would go for education and his foundation.
George Lucas
The father of four decided to donate most of his fortune for educational funding which is the key to the survival of the human race.