Here Are Few Astonishing Facts About The Human Body

We are aware about the endless power of a human body. It is a miracle by all sense and imagination. It continues to amaze us with passage of every day. All the functions of human body is astonishing. Scientists also come up new kinds of facts almost every day and they are very surprising as well. We are left with no option but to admire the God’s creation that is our body. Here are the collection of facts which suggests unique things about the human body.

Acid in stomach
The acid present in the stomach is so powerful that it can easily dissolve a razor blade. But, it is advisable not to try it. You need not prove it. The acid in the stomach is responsible for beginning of the digestion process. It breaks down food which is later absorbed by the body.


The organs without which one can actually survive
It is also a fact that one can actually survive without a stomach, 75% of our liver, one kidney, 80% of our intestines, a spleen, one lung, and any of the organs in the groin area. Although it is a fact that without all these organs life will be difficult but it is also a fact that one can actually survive without these things.


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