Funny Comics That Prove How Women Are Magical In Everything They Do

Can we really do without women? While some men may feel they can live alone, the majority of us will pine and get stressed out if our partner is missing for a few days be it for work or visiting relatives. It goes to show that women are magical and without them we would be lost. Not only does a woman play a major role in the upbringing and psychological development of a child, she actually does the same for a husband many of whom act like overgrown kids when their women are around, in fact, even when they aren’t around. A home would never be the same without her and these comic strips prove exactly that.

They know everything about everything
A woman will know exactly where you kept your socks, ties, shirts and trousers. Even if you can’t, she will find that piece of clothing you’ve been looking for in the last hour only to hand it to you in a second as if by some miraculous power.


They know how to pack and manipulate space
You can’t seem to fit that extra piece of clothing into your suitcase? Well call your gal and see how she does it magically. All that is missing is her little fairy wand. She can pack a suitcase with more stuff than you could ever think off all because she is organized.


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