Farmers In Switzerland Are Making Giant Holes In The Stomachs Of Cows For A Strange Reason

If you’ve ever seen a hole in a cow’s stomach, it’s there for a reason. These installations are called rumen fistulas. A hole is cut into the side of each cow and a tube is inserted that goes down to the stomach.


A rubber gasket is used to keep the hole open and it is also sealed with a special cap. As soon as the cow has fully recovered from these procedures, it allows the farmers and vets are who are responsible for their care to more readily monitor their digestive processes and create the proper diet for them.


Each cow that is able to successfully fulfill farming objectives has the ability to be regulated and forward thinking farmers know that every great cow is full of helpful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. The bacteria and fungi is what enables a cow to digest the plant material they consume.

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