Dog Isn’t Allowed On The Bed, Hidden Camera Reveals What Really Happens When He’s Home Alone (Video)

For those of us who have dogs and cats in our home, it can be difficult to establish the necessary rules that will keep the animals from tearing up our homes. Our pets may mean well, but if we do not take the time to establish the proper ground rules ahead of time, the animals will end up running the home (instead of the other way around).


While the process of creating ground rules that are designed to keep our pets in line may seem simple enough to most readers, our animals have a way of defying us and making it seem adorable when they do. This is the sort of story that all dog owners can relate to and while our pets may act as if they truly understand what we are telling them, this is often the prelude to some less than satisfactory behavior.


Take the dog in this story for instance. The pup is clearly jealous because of the rules that have been established in this house. The cat is allowed to sit on the bed and while cats are not always allowed on beds because of their excessive shedding, this particularly kitty is able to handle spending time on the bed without making an awful mess. She’s been granted special privileges as a result.

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