Difficult To Live In North Korea As Many Good Things Are Banned

There is no doubt that North Korea is an aggressive country and its leader Kim Jong-un is known for his atrocities on people of country. The country is also very keen on increasing its nuclear arsenal. In times like these, when humanity is coming to the fore, the country is still engrossed in combat technologies. The dogma in North Korea is such that it does not allow freedom of its citizens. They are restricted in many ways. They are not allowed to choose their freedom and act according to their minds. People live with suffocated mindset in the North Korea as do not have access to what people of other countries have.

Here is a list of things which are not accessible to the people living in North Korea:

People can’t own a property in North Korea
The people of North Korea do not have the right to buy land or property in the country. The North Korea government has exclusive rights to land and property. Buying and selling of land and property is absolutely not possible in North Korea.


People don’t have access to Cable TV in North Korea
North Korean people do not have the luxury of Cable TV in the country. There are only four official TV channels are available for viewers in the country. The people are censored to see anything beyond those four official TV channels. People are forced to see only official channels.


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