Cute Couple’s Selfie Turns Creepy, Look At What Mirror Shows

Today’s generation is less about letters and more about texting. It is more about selfies and social media updates. We care about capturing the memories we make and update them on all our popular social media apps and let the world know. This couple did the same, took a cute selfie and posted it on social media. But then the media noticed something that shocked anyone who saw that. People had different opinions expressed.

A Cute Selfie


It was on April 26th, that Andy Fuentes clicked a cute selfie with his girlfriend. A beautiful picture it was, both of them holding each other and posing in front of the camera with a smile. He captioned it saying that he loved her though she was a Gemini. So, what’s the big deal here? Why so much fuss about a standard selfie? Let me tell you why.

A Spooky Thing


This selfie created a fuss as soon as it was uploaded on the social media. People started commenting on it as soon as they noticed it. Look at the picture below. What do you see? You’ll notice something that there is so much more to the picture than what meets the eye and when you too figure it out, you’ll know it is so darn creepy. Just look at the mirror, don’t you see the reflection of the girl You’ll notice the girlfriend turning back and smiling at the reflection. But wait! The angle of that reflection is all wrong! How creepy is that?

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