Call 911 Immediately If You See This In A Bathroom, Changing Room Or Hotel

Everybody takes for granted certain understandings about privacy. For example, public bathrooms, changing rooms and hotel rooms are assumed to be safe and private; however, the unfortunate reality is that some perverts have found a way to compromise this privacy.

With the rise of technology, everything has become smaller, more compact. However, with the good, comes the bad—in this case, one you might not even notice. Unfortunately, there are people who prey on the general population in ways most people would never expect.


Let us introduce you to the latest in dark technology: it looks like a hook and serves the same purpose in terms of functionality, but in reality, it was designed for a far more criminal purpose.
The ‘hook’ can easily be attached to a home or a public place and most people would never give it a second thought.


But there is a secret within the hook. There is a built-in tiny camera hidden inside the hook that records people in bathrooms, hotel rooms, or changing rooms.

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