Attractive Teachers Shared Weird Stories About What It’s Like When Students Have A Crush On You (24 Pics)

In the movies, we sometimes see children and teens develop crushes on their teachers and tutors. It’s innocent, it’s understandable, but what’s it like from the teacher’s perspective? Do they actually like coming to class and having a 14-year-old bat their lashes at them? I’d never thought of it before! Attractive teachers of Reddit were asked: “Did you know which students had a crush on you?” These are some of the best answers.

By AlbusDumbyDoor

‘I coach on all-star cheerleading and the 4-6th graders also have some crushes. They’ll ask me about my current girlfriend and then compare themselves to her. “She’s tall, skinny and blonde? I’m tall, skinny and blonde!” Some of them draw me pictures and others will try to stand close by when we’re having a team meeting and “subtly” lean against me.”

By quetzlthethird

‘As a English teacher in Japan who was teaching English, I fondly remember this one Japanese student who would always ask me what my favorite food was. Despite regularly asking me out, I would say ‘maybe next time’ but it was certainly flattering to receive such attention even while overseas.”

By rabid_spidermonkey

‘I was teaching organic chemistry and I noticed that this one particular student would always subtly flirt with me. She would go to my office during office hours to flirt with me and ‘ask for extra help’ but little did she know I was gay.’

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