Amateur ‘Scientists’ Share The Strangest Scientific Thing They’ve Discovered By Accident

Discoveries and new inventions, all have their roots attached to the strangest accidents performed by scientists. In the spirit of this, we’ve here a few amateur ‘scientists’ sharing the strangest scientific things that they have discovered accidentally!
The Mustard Gas
When we were in Class 11, we were performing some experiment in Chemistry lab. We added a few chemicals in the test tube which apparently wasn’t cleaned properly, so yellow gas started to rise from it! We called the teacher and told him about this. He snatched the test tube from our hand and yelled. “Everyone, Out from the class”! Later on, he came and said, “Congrats, Kevin! You have discovered mustard gas!
The triboluminescence
I felt a bit thirsty while sleeping so I got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, the lights were off and it was a total dark. While I went ahead to take the ice cubes I saw the ice cubes illuminate as I twisted them out of the tray. Found out years later that it’s called triboluminescence.
The Friend’s Discovery

I did not perform any weird experiment to discover something but my friend did when he was a child. He had a routine of going to the swimming pool for swimming classes regularly, so once, he discovered that if you put ‘water wings’ on your ankles and jump into a swimming pool, you go upside down with your feet sticking up out of the water and you have to get rescued.
The Coloured Lens
I did this and it had gone terribly wrong! So, here’s a piece of advice! Don’t use food colouring to dye your contacts. You won’t look cool, and your eyes will hurt.
The Smoke Ring
This is possibly the best hack for making a giant smoke ring, but you will have to be extraordinarily cautious while doing this. Fill a glass bottle, with an aluminium top with 1/3rd part full of gasoline and place the bottle in the fire. The container will start pressuring as it heats u until the aluminum top falls shooting a big fireball in the air and huge smoke ring

The Caramel Discovery
Don’t laugh, but I felt like the smartest 10yr old when I heated sugar in the microwave to get caramel. I felt as if I made the caramel discovery.
The DG Cams

I did this weird and absolutely disastrous experiment to get a lesson for life which I would like to share with equally notorious kids. So, kids, here it is! Digital cameras aren’t microwaveable. Not even for a few seconds. So, don’t!

The Wood Laquer
I did this when I was a kid and felt extremely proud of myself. At the end of it, I discovered that wood lacquer can catch on fire if you wipe some of it on a towel/rag, ball it up and leave it somewhere. And you get a good scolding from mum after that!
The Crazy One

As I kid, I was extremely notorious. I tried a whole lot of things, some of them I don’t even remember, but here’s the pro tip that I learnt while I performed some crazy experiments, so, be cautious, spray paint melts styrofoam. If you’re intentionally doing it and need a more dramatic display, use pure Acetone on styrofoam. Furthermore, always remember, non-dairy creamer is flammable. Make coffee away from open flames.
The Traveler
If you’re a traveler, you know the trouble we face while we miss out on basic things like wet wipes. Even if you have missed one of them, do not ever mix any antibacterial hand gel and toilet paper to create a wet wipe.