After 11 Years Of Marriage, Keith Urban Comes Forward With Truth We’ve All Been Suspecting

Marriage is a bond that two people share out of love and affection towards each other for years. Happy couples always love to share their journey with friends, family or even with social media sites.
Recently, the same thing was done by one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban.
Hollywood’s Strongest Couple
The most endearing power couple from Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have recently completed their 11 years of togetherness. Despite their long married journey, this adorable couple seems as a normal duo as the other happy couples out there.
Their 11th Anniversary

All the headline-making scandals and other media coverage posts didn’t really change the bond between the two. They both scolded, held and supported each other during those phases like true partners.
And, that’s the reason Keith has sent a gushing tribute to his wife Nicole on their 11th wedding anniversary.
A Loveable Note
Nicole expressed her feelings with saying that their marriage is built on a foundation of love and respect. She said:
“Keith and I always say that we are just so lucky to have each other. In this world, to be able to come back to that love and that strength is so nourishing and powerful.

And I am coming up an eleven year wedding anniversary, twelve years together, and that’s a big thing. And that is through absolute commitment and kindness, the desire to protect and help each other. That’s what our relationship is.”
His wish on Instagram
This couple has been rated among the A-listers of an unbreakable marriage because they always strive to keep their marriage first. Keith also took his feelings to Instagram and wishes his beautiful bride that immediately got noticed by media. He wrote:
“Happy Anniversary Babygirl.

Eleven years and you still feel like my girlfriend!!!”
The Video
Even after more than a decade, they both flirt like teenagers and take selfies together. They make the most adorable couple together.
With this wish, Nicole also opens up about supporting Keith Urban’s sobriety. Let’s watch it out!

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