A Dog’s Tail Relays Secret Information That Can Help You Understand It Better

Every dog lover claims to know and understand their pets well. Their favorite treats, their toys, their mannerisms and where they love to be scratched. But! Humans don’t exactly know dogs the way dogs would know dogs. A dog would view another dog from an entirely different canine perspective reading signs and body language that are not even remotely understood by us.

Fortunately though, here is some valuable information compiled by Psychology today showing you what exactly what it meanings when dogs wag their tails. How your dog’s tail relays information is almost akin to a secret code shared by your canine friends alike.

When a dog’s tail is perked up
When a dog encounters a new dog, it will always try to show an aggressive stance to display dominance over the other dog. The dog displays his confidence by standing erect with his tail perked up and his head looking straight ahead as if in show stance. It’s the dog’s way of saying, “Hi bud!! I’m the boss here”!


When a dog’s tail juts out
If a dog stands with its tail jutting out, it means she is threatened.


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