9 Secrets Of Famous Magic Tricks That Will Impress Even The Most Skeptical Audiences

Magic tricks take your senses to another world. It immediately takes you away from reality and you begin wondering if those hands are into some real magic. But did you know that those magic tricks are nothing but a result of some well-used artifacts and mind games? Let me introduce you to some of the most well known tricks and the secret behind them.

Bottomless Ingesting Cup


We very well know about this trick where four glass tumblers were taken, each one twice as giant from the other. The magician would pour the milk from the smallest one to the largest one and the quantity of the milk kept increasing. Did it not push you into thinking that how did the magician do that trick? Well, the answer is that a strong plastic cylinder filled the centre of every tumbler. It would leave a very slim channel around the sides of the tumbler. So, it was not the milk that doubled but only a specially designed space of 8 oz made it look like that.

Run Over By A Truck


Do chills run down your spine when you see the trick where a truck runs over a person? Well! It is all Physics. Beforehand counterweights are positioned inside the truck which shifts the steadiness of the truck. In turn what happens is that the wheels on the lighter aspect of the truck solely contact the prime of the magician with out inflicting any harm.

Light Bulb Without Electricity


Okay! So a magician takes a normal, ordinary, unplugged light bulb and in a second, he lights it up without electricity. How on earth is it possible? Let me tell you it is all because of a simple battery powered flashing LED which can be switched on and off according to his own will.

Split Man


I seriously couldn’t sleep for days when I saw a magician splitting himself up. But now I feel like a fool for not observing the reality behind it. Did you know it is all about optical illusion. The magician uses mannequin legs of the rights size and posture and baggy clothes to cover them.

Linking Rings


A magician shows us three solid rings and after sometime, we see that he links them up and a second later separates them. What actually happens is that there is a small gap in the ring which he hides in his palm. They look as if they are linked together but the reality is that they were unhooked a little earlier.

Disappearing Dove


We see a dove in the magician’s hand. He keeps it in a box and closes it. A second later, he opens it and the dove is gone? Where? It is there in the box itself where there is a special compartment hidden where the dove sits. He just needs to make sure that the secret is concealed.

Anti Gravity Lean


Micheal Jackson’s dance moves were something that stole our hearts. His performance in “Smooth Criminal” left us awe struck, especially his anti gravity lean step. We all wondered how did he do that. Well! The answer is nothing but his specially designed shoes. They had a hitching mechanism. A special slot at the bottom of the heel connected to a peg on the floor, so Michael could easily support his own body weight even when performing that iconic dance move.

Levitating Man


We normally see monks rising up in the air suddenly. Well! Don’t fall for that trap as it is all because of a special metal construction that he hides cleverly under his baggy clothes. It was used in ancient India where monks could levitate in the air through super strong meditation. The ones today are fake.