9 Of The Coolest Google Hidden Tricks That Are Simply Awesome

Google chrome has now surpassed all web browsers in terms of search and various actions. But even as we use chrome 24 hours a day there are some neat little tricks provided by developers that can crop up during various searches. Google Chrome has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve in case you didn’t know. Typing certain code words or search queries can actually make Google spin, do a headroll, come crashing and even give you the answers to the universe in a single number. Amazed? Well check out these 12 Google hidden tricks you might not have known about.

Barrel Roll
Google’s barrel roll was its latest loony Easter egg in 2011. Just search “do a barrel roll” in the search bar. If the instant search results functions are enabled, your results page will spin and do a head roll before you’ve even completed typing.


Find Android Smartphones
If you’ve lost your smartphone somewhere around the house or anywhere else for that matter, just type “Find my phone” into the address and Google will launch a page and its map to help you locate your phone. You will have to have Google synced and logged into your phone as well to avail of the feature.


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