The Sahara Desert is the third largest desert in the world.The scientific journal Science Advances recently published a study which claimed that nearly 8,000 years ago the Sahara Desert was occupied by humans.But today it is the hottest place making it the most hostile place on the planet.
So we have compiled these amazing facts which would help you answer some questions on the world famous Sahara desert.
The Hunters and Gatherers
Around 5,000 to 11,000 years ago the tribes of hunters and gatherers made Sahara desert their home, and they lived off on plants and animals.
The Green Period
The Sahara desert is 10 times drier now than its “green” period. The Sahar Desert receives only one to four inches of rainfall per year as per Jessica Tierney from the University of Arizona.
The Green Land

Utilizing marine silt, specialists at the University of Arizona have found the precipitation designs in the Sahara Desert in the course of recent years. As per their examinations, the Sahara experienced a “green period” where the desert area got more than 10 times the measure of rain it does today.
The Extinction
To further uphold Tierney’s claim, archaeologists express that people possessed a large portion of Sahara amid the wet time frame. But around 8,000 years ago they gradually started to move out.
The Migration

It may appear glaringly evident, however, scientists are as yet to ascertain the fact whether the drying desert was the sole explanation behind people leaving the Sahara region. In spite of the fact that, the way that the rainfall started to stop around the time people relocated somewhere else is genuinely convincing.
The Retracing Steps
Strangely enough, the people inevitably returned to the Sahara Desert after the dry time frame started. Although, the way of life was unique this time around. Rather than hunters and gatherers, cows agriculturists assumed control over the abandoned desert.
Marine Sediments
Tierney and the group at the University of Arizona utilized marine silt from four unique locales off the bank of West Africa rather than lake residue for their research.
The Climatic Conditions

Utilizing old leaf wax from the marine silt, the group at Arizona could decide the atmosphere states of a given period.
The Source of Dust
Do you have a messy house? Try not to accuse the children. Blame the Sahara Desert, for it’s presently the planet’s largest source of dust. This is because of the absence of vegetation and precipitation.