8 Things Your Eyes Tell You About Your Health

Our eyes are the doorway to our heart. They reflect our emotions and our inner being.Sometimes, we can conclude a lot from the expression of the eyes. The eyes have always been a source of inspiration to the poets, authors, and artists since time immemorial.
So it is not only important but all essential to care for our eyes. Now, let us check out, what our eyes tell about our health.
Permanent Sty
A lump on the eyelid happens to be a sty and it is caused due to a blocked sebaceous gland. Mostly it goes away with time. And it is a cause of irritation when it persists longer.
However, if the sty keeps reappearing, or persists without healing it might be a case of sebaceous gland carcinoma and it is advisable to visit the doctor at the earliest.
Loss Of Eyebrows
Aging, stress, or nutrient deficiency are the most common causes of eyebrow loss. And very rarely the reason could be Alopecia areata or spot baldness.
Sometimes hypothyroidism — an acute shortage of thyroid hormones in extreme cases can lead to hair loss. So always visit the doctor to confirm the cause.
Blurred Vision

Prolonged hours on computers at home or at work causes burning of eyes or blurred vision. Doctors term it as “digital eye strain“ or ”dry eye syndrome.” So it is advisable to visit the doctor at the earliest.

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