8 Movies Whose True Meaning You Never Even Guessed

There have been many movies released over a period of time and some of them seeming ordinary ones were great enough to leave a strong impression on the minds on the movie-watchers. The reason behind this is that such movies are built on a strong foundation while being philosophical in nature, leaves an effect on your subconscious mind which can’t be detected through analysis.
Here are some of the famous movies with hidden meaning.
Mad Max – Fury Road
Believe it, the characters in the movie are the reflection of the composite parts of our own personalities. Their escaping reflects our fears, the green earth points to our dreams and their journey being the transformation of our personality.
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Schindler’s List
That little girl in the red dress is the reflection of the main idea behind the movie. Steven Spielberg also stated that the people in USA, England, and USSR knew about the Holocaust but no one did anything about it.
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If you have been an attentive audience then you would have noticed two main colors in this movie, light blue, and a sandy color. The appearance of the characters changes according to their interpretation of these two symbols.
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Shutter Island

The first part of the movie portrays the main character as a mental patient but at the end when the truth is revealed, he can’t withstand the pain and opts for a lobotomy.

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Mr. Nobody

The essence of a thing remains permanent regardless of how much the thing itself changes. When Nemo learned that all the versions of life with his mother are grounded in emotion and all those with his father are based on the reason he opts for an individual’s choice.

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Black Swan
The movie is based on art as a phenomenon which indicates that an artist has two sides – a creative and a destructive. When these two sides are unified then true perfection is born.
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The Walking Dead
Ever wondered why the TV show about zombies has captured the viewers’ attention for so long? This is because it not only depicts the world of the living dead but also different forms of government seen throughout human history.

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Fight Club
Notice that both Marla and Tyler look similar. They smoke in the same way, wear the same clothes and rings, and keep the same hairstyles. Now watch the film again with this knowledge in mind.
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